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Frequently Asked Questions

Have we got an interim plan between us leaving here and before the next place is ready?

Yes. We realise there is a flexibility in getting into the new building and a lot of work to do as well, That being said we do have a building we can use for the interim period.

How will the church stay committed to the community of Ovenden?

Being located in the town centre means we can service all areas of Halifax. We will stay committed to the Ovenden area but we will also service all areas of Halifax.

What parking arrangements will there be?

We are currently looking at different option for parking facilities.

Will the wider church community be given opportunities to contribute to decisions?

Absolutely! This will be a community project. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas. We will get teams together throughout the process.

If all the church finances were used up buying are own building , how would we deal with any mayor unexpected repair bills that needed to be carried out?

With the present finance, we wouldn't be able to meet the needs of any urgent repair bills. That's why we need to dream big and pledge now!